Gifts for Dad 2018

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and here are our picks to say thanks to Dad.

  1. The Private Watch by Nixon
  2. Vintage T-Shirt
  3. Vintage Tie
  4. Louisiana Purchase Sunglasses by Westward Leaning
  5. Property Of Briefcase


Hottest Fashion Trends of 2018: How to Wear Them

With the year of 2018 rapidly coming to its midpoint, several hot women’s fashion trends caught our bedazzled eyes. Some of them flattered every woman, while other style trends in 2018 have not been so all inclusive.

Now that you’ve seen and worn the fab fashions of 2018, it’s time for the year in review. Let’s look at just a few of the many hot fashion trends in women’s clothing in 2018.

First introduced back in the ’70’s, by the late Yves St. Laurent, clothing made in sheer fabrics made a return in 2018 to mixed reviews. Marc Jacobs sent braless, nipple ring adorned, models done the runway in sheer blouses, and not an eye batted.

Channel, Dior and Chloe also had sheer fabrics done in pants, dresses, blouses and skirts, featured in their Spring/Summer 2018 collections.

Many women who were around in the 1970’s have felt this trend to be a “seen it and done it” redo. Other women loved the more liberal take on women’s fashion that the many sheer styles provided.

Mandy Moore look gorgeous in a sheer Preen dress at a Vanity Fair event, while Mischa Barton shined in a long, sheer, boho dress at a September charity event.

If you don’t have the courage, or assets, to flat out flaunt the sheer styles, try a little here and there. Perhaps, a sheer blouse topped with a jacket or vest. Maybe a little dress with a lined body and sheer sleeves would suit.

Topping a pair of sheer pants with a slim coat might be wild, yet safe enough to try, as well. Most woman seem to agree that a little sheer goes a long way, so please nip the nipple in the bud.

The newly redone Gwenyth Paltow covered her sheer, lace dress with another of the years hottest fashion must haves…the tuxedo jacket. She pulled the look off beautifully at the UK Premiere of Iron Man.

Kate Moss was spotted tuxedo jacket topping a tee and pair of skinny jeans on one occasion, and then again over legging and with a pair of pumps at another location. The Olsen twin’s and Natalie Portman also have been seen sporting a tuxedo style jacket.

The sleek styling of the tuxedo jacket is a look that any woman can put to work for her. Not too boxy, nor too fitted, it flatters. Over jeans, trousers, a skirt, or a dress, the tuxedo jacket fills a need for many women. Tuxedo jackets can be found in all types of glorious fabrics and rich colors. This is one hot trend that no woman should be afraid to try. Cummerbund and bow tie are optional.

Another 2018 women’s fashion trend that has met with mixed reviews is the 30’s inspired wide legged pants. Prada, Badgley Mischa and Gianfranco Ferre each released their versions of the wide legged pant to the world this year.

This style of pant can be found in a wide range of fabrics from denim to silk georgette, wool to twill, drapey or tailored. Eva Mendes and Katherine Heigl are two celebs who made wide legged pants work for them, but can every woman?

If you’ve been hesitant to try on a pair of these wide legged wonders, give it a go! Do keep a few things in mind, though, before you decide whether these pants are a go for you. Wide legged pants look great on tall women and demand high heels on every woman. If you’re of average height, try on various styles of wide legs with a good, four inch heel before you make your final decision. Those who are short in stature should follow the same advice, while looking for wide legged pants that aren’t really all that wide. Many critics seem to be in agreement that no woman over 40 should be seen in wide legs, so if you’re among the over 40’s, keep your bootcuts on and just walk on by the wide legged pant.

This year has also seen the return of the dress in a big way. Gucci and DKNY provided us with boho style lovelies, while Prada had us in romantic, lace dresses. Marc Jacob fresh floral dresses have made the rounds, both Spring and Fall of 2018. The waist in back in, so styles are nipped in and feminine. Belts are everywhere. The sweater dress is back. Anne Hathaway in a sparkling mini dress rocked, while Gwenyth Paltrow glowed in a lace mini. Many dress styles can be found in a far more all encompassing knee length.

If you haven’t been caught in a dress in over a decade and not certain what type of dress to try, take a look at the wrap dress. This trend fitting dress can be found in a style to flatter any figure. Whether you choose a dreamy floral dress in a fluid fabric, or a cozy wrap style sweater dress, you’ll be comfortable, fashionable and chic. Don’t forget to accessorize to your heart and personality’s content…add a belt, or cardigan, a great little pastel coat or a leather motocross jacket and boots, bangles and beads. Don’t be afraid to show a little leg.

With ruffles abounding and large bows that tie at the neck, the ultra-feminine, romantic blouse is a look that has been seen on celebrities from Natalie Portman to Iman. Eva Longoria-Parker and Victoria Beckham have loved the romantic trend, as well. Designers such as Ralph Lauren, Prada, John Galliano and Marc Jacobs have been at the forefront of this very welcome 2018 fashion trend. Soft, flowing fabrics in luxe colors and texture easily go from the office to evening in a flash and easily.

A well chosen, fanciful blouse can flatter women of all shapes. sizes and moods. Whether you choose to go for the “naughty secretary look”, or something more prim and proper, you simply cannot go wrong with a lovely, romantic blouse. Pair it with a sleek pencil skirt or plaid skirt, trousers, jeans or belted over a pair of leggings, if there is only one item that you choose to invest in form all that women’s’ fashion 2008 has had to offer, this is the one to pick. But, you’d better grab one quickly. Spring 2009 is right around the corner.

Bag Shopping Fashion Tips for Every Working Girl

For most women the right kind of bag completes any look. With the busy lifestyles of women nowadays, gone are the times when bags are viewed merely as accessories. With oversized satchels and shoulder bags being marketed by designers nowadays, women who require both style and function are presented with a wider array of bag choices.

Whether you are dressing up for a corporate meeting, attending an after-party cocktail or meeting up with your girlfriends for lunch, the right type of bag will no doubt polish off the look you have always desired. Feeling more preppy chic?

Why not wear a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit with a dark brown leather satchel? Or if you are feeling extra glamorous, a dainty metallic clutch bag will go well with your LBD (little black dress that is) and strappy stilettos.

If you have a bit of difficulty shopping for the right kinds of bag for the needed occasion, here are a few tips you might find handy every now and then. All these suggestions are coming from a girl who loves bag shopping too.

Well, here they are:

Every girl should invest in a basic, black leather bag. As one reviewer commented, a black bag can be used for dressy occasions such as a conference or a party, while it can also be used for more casual affairs like going to the mall.

Black leather bags can be plain or embellished, and a few of the common embellishments may include brass detailing, zippers, and pockets.

A clutch bag will be very valuable for dinner parties, wedding showers, and other formal events. Thus, a clutch bag is something that every fashionable girl should be shopping for. Compact and sleek, clutch purses are available in various materials, such as leather, metallic, suede, or satin.

While more ideal for parties, clutch bags are also perfect for laid-back occasions, especially when paired with the right dress. Make sure that the clutch has the right inner compartments however, such as credit card pockets and lipstick holders.

Picking a bright-colored handbag will spice up anyone’s outfit on any given day. However, you need to check the quality and the make of the bag, so as to avoid picking a cheap-looking creation. A bright pink handbag will go well with a white skirt and heels, while a satchel in a multi-colored leather design will surely breathe new life to your old jeans and blouse outfit.

Finally, choose a bag that offers you both style and utility. A working girl needs a dose of fashion, but shopping for a stylish bag that offers more function is certainly a keeper.