Falling into Fashion

Every year, catalogs, vintage shops, and womens’ magazines abound with the new fall styles.

The hot trends for womens’ and girls’ shoes are tweed, with floral, print, and tapestry also popular. The top fall shoe colors are bright plum, dark wine, navy blue, deep orange, deep purple, ginger, moss green, dark olive, spice, and taupe.

(With the exception of navy blue and taupe, these other colors will require careful coordination with your wardrobe. You don’t want to look like a circus clown! But for those of you that DO, knock yourself out!)

Flats, clogs, and mules will remain popular. And of course, THE fall shoe, the loafer. There are new variations of this classic, such as high-heeled loafer, richer colors(like the abovementioned), suede, velvet, and embellished.

Some of the hot fall boots include slip-on 3″ heel ankle-length with suede, which can be worn with pants or skirts.

One of the newest trends are sweater boots. I don’t know if this will be permanent, but for now, they’re HOT!

They come in many colors and I think they work like socks-can be rolled up, stretched out, layered down. Now can these be used in a blizzard? Hard to say right now. But if sturdy enough…..

Knee-high and 1″ flat heel boots will still be popular.

Another new trend are tapestry boots. The features are 3″ heels, removable side bows, and tapestry uppers, and a lovely choice of patterns-orient/express, a multi-color paisley, or red/purple paisley.

There are classic boots with pointy toes, and stretch knee-high boots made of microfiber in a variety of colors and widths.

The hot fall bags (which are great for those who need serious room in their purse or for students)include the vintage look, and a constructed tote bag. There’s a Marc Jacobs style (no relation; I wish!) style that’s not only fashionable, but has enough sturdiness, room, and compartments to hold a kitchen sink in. And you’ll look stunning doing it!

Big, oversized, slouchy bags will never go out of sight. A fashion classic!

Corduroy bags are very strong, sturdy, and can withstand a lot. And still be very stylish.

By now you may be thinking to yourselves, “Well, JEEZ, Pat, these things sound fantastic, but I can’t afford this.

Even trying to just acquire new shoes and a bag will break my budget.”

“I’m so poor I can’t even afford a budget.”

It’s not necessary to break the bank to update your look.

This is where “slightly used” comes into play. Good quality, name brands, and still a wide variety of shoes, boots, and/or handbags can be brought at discount outlets, thrift shops, and sometimes even dollar stores.

There are also great deals on fall clothing at these places.

All you really need here are a few essential basics:

Some corduroy items-Those stripes on this material are called wale; the thin ones add texture without bulkiness.

Sweaters, of course-Look for the newer microfiber and other lighter blends. They won’t be as heavy as the traditional sweater, and you’ll still be warm. Cotton or mostly cotton (60% or more)is also good.

Pants(and Jeans)-Look for a slight flare or bootcut type (for wearing with boots, of course; a clunky shoe will also look better with these.)

1 or 2 Jackets-A classic one-button blazer or casual jean jacket can be worn every year. Corduroy(!), tweed, and suede are still popular jacket material. And the vintage look.

Menswear Prints-This is clothing that has houndstooth, plaid, check, or pinstripe designs or patterns on them.

Women can also wear these, combined with female accessories.

For those who can’t afford a budget, don’t fret; here are some options:

  1. 1. Ask family members for clothing they’re not longer using. You will find a fall basic that’s still wearable.
  2. Go to a fall clothing giveaway, like The Salvation Army.
  3. Local churches or other organizations/programs will sometimes offer free clothing.
  4. A co-worker or an elderly person in the neighborhood will often voluntarily just give you clothes. No joke. It happens to me a lot!

Fashion Tips: How to Choose Thigh Thinning Skirts

Finding a skirt to flatter your figure is not always an easy task, especially if you don’t know what to look for and what you need to avoid. If thinner looking thighs are what you are after, there are several things to look for when you choose a skirt.

Your thighs look instantly thinner just by changing what you are wearing, the lines and cut of a skirt slim the areas you want and draw the eyes downward.

If you need to look thinner on the bottom, here are some fashion do’s and don’ts to help you choose a skirt that will flatter your figure best.

Fashion Do’s

Do look for skirts with a straight cut and lines. Skirts with straight lines hide your tummy and thighs by drawing the eyes down the length of your legs.

Do wear skirts with an A line cut, this style will make your thighs appear even more slimming than a straight cut would. An A line skirt will put a flat front over your stomach and then flare out to slim your thighs.

Do look for skirts with v-shaped bodices that flatten the tummy and lead the eye down the length of your legs. If you choose a skirt with a flat front, a wide waist instead of a thin one works best.

Do wear pleated skirts when the pleats begin below the hips so that your tummy does not draw attention. Also look for skirts that have inverted pleats which both make your tummy look flat and flare at the bottom thinning your thighs.

Do wear skirts that flare out at the bottom above or at the knees. If you choose an A line skirt, look for one that flares on the bottom drawing the attention away from your thighs even more. In pleated skirts, flaring at the bottom has the same thigh thinning appearance that makes the biggest parts of your leg disappear.

Do wear skirts that end below the knee, where your legs are thinner. This gives the impression that your legs, thighs included, are thinner than they are- all the way up.

Do wear matte fabrics that will not draw attention to your thighs.

Do look for skirts with vertical or horizontal stripes to give the impression of length. Avoid bright, eye catching embellishments at the waist or hips. Simple flaps or buttons on a wide waist are flattering.

Fashion Don’ts

Don’t wear a skirt that ends above the knee, if you want to make your thighs look thinner this will have the opposite effect.

Don’t choose a skirt with pleats beginning at the waist, this will make you look bigger all the way down and draw attention to your hips instead of your legs.

Don’t wear stretchy or clingy fabrics, these tend to bunch up exactly where you want to avoid drawing attention to.

Don’t wear fabric with horizontal stripes, this will make you look wider.

Look great with these fashion tips from Flying A!

Curvy Girl Fashion Tips: Accentuate Your Assets

Curvy girls, stop wishing your were skinny and learn to embrace your shape. I can guarantee as much as you may hate your hourglass shape, there is a girl with a straight figure who is wishing for some more shape to her shape.

Make the most of your curves with the following tips. There are several fashionable ways to pull attention away from the bits you don’t want to be highlighted, while drawing all eyes to the parts you do like.

Start with the classics. Follow the fashion trends, but don’t be a slave to what is shown on the racks. Just because “everyone” is wearing leggings or super-low cut jeans, does not mean they will flatter your figure. The base of your wardrobe should be classic solids that fit perfectly. Boot-cut pants to balance out your top half, A-line or straight pencil skirts, dresses that flatter. Add trendy accessories at will, but don’t throw out the basics.

Go long. Every aspect of your outfit should draw the eye up and down, not side to side. Cropped pants and short tops break up the lean line, instead look for pants that hit mid sole and tops that reach mid-hip. This gives you room to tuck or belt without exposing your midriff to the masses.

V is the letter of the day, everyday. Look for accents that create a V shape, whether that is a V-neck top, long pendant necklace or the shape of a wrap dress, a V makes you look longer, leaner and throws a sexy curve ball through your natural curves.

Wrap it baby doll. Flowy shirts and dresses are not the best look for a curvy girl. The lack of shape can add pounds and create a sloppy image. Polish your look with a belt. Cinch it high, low or somewhere in between. Experiment with different widths to highlight, or fake an hourglass figure.

Details, details. When you want all eyes to focus on your face, wear chunky earrings, or even try hair jewelry like shown in Kim Kardashian’s new jewelry collection, Belle Noel.Fancy trim on a shirts neckline, or a colorful scarf can serve the same purpose.

Under where? Lingerie may not be seen, but it is very important to your overall appearance. Invest in great bras. Go for a fitting at a specialty store at least once in your adult life rather than guessing at your size. Most women wear the wrong sized bra and their shape suffers from it. Spanx is a good option for looking smoother under fitted dresses.

Embrace your curves. Confidence goes a long way in how you are perceived. Practice self-care, talk nice to your hips, be your own best cheerleader and others will see the love. Going back to the lingerie, choose undergarments that make you smile, whether that is a caberet-inspired, retro-looking pieces or sweet white lace, having a sexy secret is a fun way to boost your confidence.

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Introducing our newest featured Flying A independent designers. Based here in NYC, Barbara Wilkinson crafts fine jewelry inspired by Southeast Asia. Barbara carefully crafts her pieces from sterling silver and gold vermeil paired with gemstones from India.

We especially enamored of her miniature charm necklaces with little reminders to sit back and relax, and make great layering pieces.

Barbara is also the co-founder of the ID Pop Shop, a pop up show held in Chelsea Market that showcases emerging designers from around NYC. The ID Pop Shop is an event we’ve personally frequented and hosts a trove of local designers.

Featured: Military Jackets

It’s almost summer, which means it’s almost Fall.

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Passion Lilie began with a trip to India. While visiting a workshop in a small town, founder Katie Schmidt spent time getting to know the women and the families behind the work. She walked away from the workshop knowing that she wanted to help create sustainable futures for those women (and others like them) and their children. Katie returned home to New Orleans and Passion Lilie was born.

Passion Lilie is dedicated to creating fair trade, sustainable clothing that is accessible to everyone. All Passion Lilie clothing is created in a fair working environment that provides livable wages. The fabric used in the collection is sourced locally in India from fair trade cop-ops.

All of the clothing in the collection is handmade and hand printed using traditional block printing techniques. Using block printing preserves traditional artisan techniques and give each item a unique, personal touch.

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The second installment in our Independent Designer series is New York based Loup. The line is inspired by vintage fashion icons, like Bridget Bardot and Jane Birkin.

Loup combines this vintage sense with contemporary styling to create the ultimate laid back cool. All Loup clothing is produced and packaged in New York City.

(Photo from Loup)

Kelly & Jones Review

Wine inspired perfume? We know it seems a bit extreme, but we promise these curated scents by Kelly & Jones smell amazing and offer a unique perspective on fragrance.

In the world of wine, everyone knows that you never ever wear a perfume to a tasting as the scent can interfere with the bouquet and ruin the palette. Kelly Jones had to learn that rule the hard way. However, as she was tasting, she noticed that as her perfume mingled with her wine, the scent actually worked in tandem with the smell of the wine to bring out subtle hints of flavor.

Jones began to wonder if she could break the rules again, to create scents specially designed to enhance the flavor of certain wines. She set to work, and the Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Collection was born.

Each scent is meant to be paired with the wine that inspired it to deepen the sensory experience. The perfumes can also be worn on their own as a daily fragrance.

Check out the Kelly & Jones website for more info on the fragrances and pairing events.

Flying A Recommends: We would encourage you to try the sample flight first to find the right fragrance for you. Also try the rollette set – it’s the perfect gift for your favorite oenophile.

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Summer Stock Up Reminder

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