Fashion Tips: How to Choose Thigh Thinning Skirts

Finding a skirt to flatter your figure is not always an easy task, especially if you don’t know what to look for and what you need to avoid. If thinner looking thighs are what you are after, there are several things to look for when you choose a skirt.

Your thighs look instantly thinner just by changing what you are wearing, the lines and cut of a skirt slim the areas you want and draw the eyes downward.

If you need to look thinner on the bottom, here are some fashion do’s and don’ts to help you choose a skirt that will flatter your figure best.

Fashion Do’s

Do look for skirts with a straight cut and lines. Skirts with straight lines hide your tummy and thighs by drawing the eyes down the length of your legs.

Do wear skirts with an A line cut, this style will make your thighs appear even more slimming than a straight cut would. An A line skirt will put a flat front over your stomach and then flare out to slim your thighs.

Do look for skirts with v-shaped bodices that flatten the tummy and lead the eye down the length of your legs. If you choose a skirt with a flat front, a wide waist instead of a thin one works best.

Do wear pleated skirts when the pleats begin below the hips so that your tummy does not draw attention. Also look for skirts that have inverted pleats which both make your tummy look flat and flare at the bottom thinning your thighs.

Do wear skirts that flare out at the bottom above or at the knees. If you choose an A line skirt, look for one that flares on the bottom drawing the attention away from your thighs even more. In pleated skirts, flaring at the bottom has the same thigh thinning appearance that makes the biggest parts of your leg disappear.

Do wear skirts that end below the knee, where your legs are thinner. This gives the impression that your legs, thighs included, are thinner than they are- all the way up.

Do wear matte fabrics that will not draw attention to your thighs.

Do look for skirts with vertical or horizontal stripes to give the impression of length. Avoid bright, eye catching embellishments at the waist or hips. Simple flaps or buttons on a wide waist are flattering.

Fashion Don’ts

Don’t wear a skirt that ends above the knee, if you want to make your thighs look thinner this will have the opposite effect.

Don’t choose a skirt with pleats beginning at the waist, this will make you look bigger all the way down and draw attention to your hips instead of your legs.

Don’t wear stretchy or clingy fabrics, these tend to bunch up exactly where you want to avoid drawing attention to.

Don’t wear fabric with horizontal stripes, this will make you look wider.

Look great with these fashion tips from Flying A!