Curvy Girl Fashion Tips: Accentuate Your Assets

Curvy girls, stop wishing your were skinny and learn to embrace your shape. I can guarantee as much as you may hate your hourglass shape, there is a girl with a straight figure who is wishing for some more shape to her shape.

Make the most of your curves with the following tips. There are several fashionable ways to pull attention away from the bits you don’t want to be highlighted, while drawing all eyes to the parts you do like.

Start with the classics. Follow the fashion trends, but don’t be a slave to what is shown on the racks. Just because “everyone” is wearing leggings or super-low cut jeans, does not mean they will flatter your figure. The base of your wardrobe should be classic solids that fit perfectly. Boot-cut pants to balance out your top half, A-line or straight pencil skirts, dresses that flatter. Add trendy accessories at will, but don’t throw out the basics.

Go long. Every aspect of your outfit should draw the eye up and down, not side to side. Cropped pants and short tops break up the lean line, instead look for pants that hit mid sole and tops that reach mid-hip. This gives you room to tuck or belt without exposing your midriff to the masses.

V is the letter of the day, everyday. Look for accents that create a V shape, whether that is a V-neck top, long pendant necklace or the shape of a wrap dress, a V makes you look longer, leaner and throws a sexy curve ball through your natural curves.

Wrap it baby doll. Flowy shirts and dresses are not the best look for a curvy girl. The lack of shape can add pounds and create a sloppy image. Polish your look with a belt. Cinch it high, low or somewhere in between. Experiment with different widths to highlight, or fake an hourglass figure.

Details, details. When you want all eyes to focus on your face, wear chunky earrings, or even try hair jewelry like shown in Kim Kardashian’s new jewelry collection, Belle Noel.Fancy trim on a shirts neckline, or a colorful scarf can serve the same purpose.

Under where? Lingerie may not be seen, but it is very important to your overall appearance. Invest in great bras. Go for a fitting at a specialty store at least once in your adult life rather than guessing at your size. Most women wear the wrong sized bra and their shape suffers from it. Spanx is a good option for looking smoother under fitted dresses.

Embrace your curves. Confidence goes a long way in how you are perceived. Practice self-care, talk nice to your hips, be your own best cheerleader and others will see the love. Going back to the lingerie, choose undergarments that make you smile, whether that is a caberet-inspired, retro-looking pieces or sweet white lace, having a sexy secret is a fun way to boost your confidence.