Kelly & Jones Review

Wine inspired perfume? We know it seems a bit extreme, but we promise these curated scents by Kelly & Jones smell amazing and offer a unique perspective on fragrance.

In the world of wine, everyone knows that you never ever wear a perfume to a tasting as the scent can interfere with the bouquet and ruin the palette. Kelly Jones had to learn that rule the hard way. However, as she was tasting, she noticed that as her perfume mingled with her wine, the scent actually worked in tandem with the smell of the wine to bring out subtle hints of flavor.

Jones began to wonder if she could break the rules again, to create scents specially designed to enhance the flavor of certain wines. She set to work, and the Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Collection was born.

Each scent is meant to be paired with the wine that inspired it to deepen the sensory experience. The perfumes can also be worn on their own as a daily fragrance.

Check out the Kelly & Jones website for more info on the fragrances and pairing events.

Flying A Recommends: We would encourage you to try the sample flight first to find the right fragrance for you. Also try the rollette set – it’s the perfect gift for your favorite oenophile.

(Photo from Kelly & Jones)